UN Approves Multinational Force for Haiti: A Diplomatic Victory, Declares President Abinader

Santo Domingo.-  President Luis Abinader describes as a diplomatic victory that the UN approved deploying a multinational force in Haiti

The head of state stated that this victory is part of persistent, systematic, strategic and intelligent work.

President Luis Abinader stated this Monday that the approval of the UN Security Council to deploy a multinational force in Haiti, led by Kenya, has been a victory for Dominican diplomacy.

The head of state assured that this victory is part of persistent, systematic, strategic, and intelligent work. The resolution was approved by 13 votes in favor and two abstentions (China and Russia), without any dissenting vote among the 15 members of the Council.

When speaking to journalists from different media outlets in a press conference, the President stated that Kenya’s intervention in Haiti will be favorable for the entire region, “and specially for Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.”

From the President’s perspective, the diplomatic triumph that the Dominican Republic just achieved, was the result of a long and continuing work of all Dominican diplomacy, “this is the beginning of the end, and it helps us with the security of the country.”

“We underwent two long years of work, of persistence, at some moments we thought that no one was listening to us, but after the permanent perseverance of our diplomacy, we have achieved what must be the beginning of the end for peacemaking in the country,” said the head of state.

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